about me

me500Hi! This site is mostly about cars and planes. This is because I like taking photos of cars and planes. Since 2007 I’ve been shooting for Mobilisti, Finland’s largest and best magazine about classic cars, planes and just about everything else which makes a noise or is otherwise interesting. Thanks to that connection I’ve been lucky to have press access to some of the best events UK if not the world has to offer. Most of the images here are from these events, the rest are from my travels. Some of them have been published, most not. I’ve mostly chosen the ones that appeal to me and ones that I feel best represent the scope of my work up to date.

I seem to mostly enjoy capturing the atmosphere of events, so my photos usually tend to include people, rather then just the machinery, or their details, in isolation. I also tend to avoid posed shots of people, simply because I find it less interesting, and because there are plenty of photographers who do it better than me anyway.

In addition to events, I occasionally do feature stories on particular interesting cars and other vehicles (see examples of ’34 Hillman Aero Minx, ’36 MG SA, ’65 Alvis Stalwart, ’56 Bristol 405, ’65 Ford Mustang etc). So if you have or know of an interesting car (or an aircraft) to photograph do get in touch!