about me

me500My speciality is automotive events. I love capturing the atmosphere of events, the passion of the people attending; the passion for the subject. Since 2007 I’ve been shooting for Mobilisti which is Finland’s largest classic car magazine. I have press access to the most amazing events in the UK and Europe.

I am good at staying in the background in order to capture the wonderful candid moments in any event, seeing and documenting the passion and utter engagement of the people is what I do it for.

In addition to events, I occasionally do feature stories on very unique rare cars and other vehicles (see examples of ’34 Hillman Aero Minx, ’36 MG SA, ’65 Alvis Stalwart, ’56 Bristol 405, ’65 Ford Mustang etc). My personal passion! So if you know of an interesting car which is really going to float my boat, let me know!