Trying to be popular …

At an insistence of a friend I started posting my back catalogue regularly on Instagram from about March and then my account, @mikazelikman got hijacked. Frantic review of all passwords followed, but alas, @mikazelikman account was lost I fear forever along with some older photos that I didn’t have anywhere else. I have since opened a new one account @mikazelikmanphoto. On the other note, really looking forward to the concours at Windsor Castle on Friday, and especially the Revival next week. It’s going to be very physically tiring, but is worth it. I am also looking into providing a way …

Bicester, Festival of Speed and Pendine

Three events in as many weeks. The arrival of Bristol Blenheim to Bicester Flywheel got postponed till Sunday because of the really poor weather so I never got to see it. Otherwise the event proved to be less rewarding than their Sunday Scrumbles where one gets a chance to wonder around the site and enjoy a very varies selection on cars. Festival of Speed was the usual self, i.e. a bewildering selection of machines, crowds and mad rush to be in the right place at the right time. This year, it was exactly the opposite for me. Then it all …

Aperture, Shutter Speed and All The Other Malarky

This subject gets often mentioned by beginners at Bristol Photography Meetup, so I thought I try to write my own little introduction. I tried to make it as general as possible and camera make and model agnostic. Any polite feedback is welcome. My Dad used to say that photography is about capturing light. Not enough light captured and your shot ends up too dark, aka as underexposed, too much light and it is overexposed. So how do you control the amount of light which gets inside your camera? Broadly speaking you have two parameters to play with. The light, for …

VSCC Cotswold Trial

Weather cooperated, it rained overnight, and the very first trial I attended was suitably muddy. I took the risk of leaving my 24-zoom lens at home and shot everything with Sigma 35 1.4. The combination with my 5D MkII is not as creamy as my RX1, but pretty well close. The amount of mud I got on my kit, I am glad I left RX1 in the boot.

Regent Street Concourse

Regent Street Concourse event on the eve of the London Brighton Veteran Car Run seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year. I shot exclusively with my Sony RX1 today to cut down the clutter.

Hampton Court Concours of Elegance

Quite a palatial improvement after the last year’s cramped presentation on a small St James Palace lawn. Was well worth the visit just for the shots of the 250 SWB and the 1938 Talbot-Lago.

New WordPress site live

My old porftolio pages were getting on a bit – first created in 2009, and updated once or twice a year since with some new photos. This new wordpress theme – called Fluxus – has the one important feature from my old site, i.e., horizontal slider, as well as full width images and the support for ipads and such like. Fingers crossed I will have some new nice photos to add from Hampton Court Concourse and The Goodwood Revival within the next couple of weeks!

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